Little Richard - Oct / Nov 1963

Detailed information about this tour is to be found in American Rock n Roll-The UK tours 1956-1972.

Date Venue Backing Group
5 October 1963Watford GaumontThe Flintstones
6 October 1963Cardiff CapitolThe Flintstones
8 October 1963Cheltenham OdeonThe Flintstones
9 October 1963Worcester GaumontThe Flintstones
10 October 1963Wolverhampton GaumontThe Flintstones
11 October 1963Derby GaumontThe Flintstones
12 October 1963Doncaster GaumontThe Flintstones
13 October 1963Liverpool OdeonThe Flintstones
16 October 1963Manchester OdeonThe Flintstones
17 October 1963Glasgow OdeonThe Flintstones
18 October 1963Newcastle OdeonThe Flintstones
19 October 1963Bradford GaumontThe Flintstones
20 October 1963Hanley GaumontThe Flintstones
22 October 1963Sheffield GaumontThe Flintstones
23 October 1963Nottingham OdeonThe Flintstones
24 October 1963Birmingham OdeonThe Flintstones
25 October 1963Taunton GaumontThe Flintstones
26 October 1963Bournemouth GaumontThe Flintstones
27 October 1963Salisbury GaumontThe Flintstones
28 October 1963East Ham GranadaThe Flintstones
29 October 1963Southampton GaumontThe Flintstones
30 October 1963St Albans OdeonThe Flintstones
31 October 1963Lewisham OdeonThe Flintstones
1 November 1963Rochester OdeonThe Flintstones
2 November 1963Ipswich GaumontThe Flintstones
3 November 1963Hammersmith OdeonThe Flintstones
9 November 1963Edmonton RegalThe Flintstones
10 November 1963Woolwich GranadaThe Flintstones
11 November 1963Harrow GranadaThe Flintstones
13 November 1963Cardiff Sophia GardensThe Flintstones