Little Richard - May 1964

Detailed information about this tour is to be found in American Rock n Roll-The UK tours 1956-1972.

Date Venue Backing Group
9 May 1964Coventry Matrix HallThe Flintstones
10 May 1964Manchester OasisThe Flintstones
11 May 1964Bath PavilionThe Flintstones
13 May 1964Crewe Town HallThe Flintstones
13 May 1964Stoke Kings HallThe Flintstones
14 May 1964Scarborough Spa HallThe Flintstones
14 May 1964Bridlington Spa EntertainmentThe Flintstones
15 May 1964Birkenhead PlazaThe Flintstones
16 May 1964Lowestoft Royal HotelThe Flintstones
17 May 1964Nelson ImperialThe Flintstones
18 May 1964Belfast Boom BoomThe Flintstones
21 May 1964Birmingham Town HallThe Flintstones
19 May 1964Wolverhampton Civic HallThe Flintstones
23 May 1964LIncoln Drill HallThe Flintstones
23 May 1964Scunthorpe Drill HallThe Flintstones
26 May 1964Wimbledon PalaisThe Flintstones