Gene Vincent - Nov / Dec 1962

Detailed information about this tour is to be found in American Rock n Roll-The UK tours 1956-1972.

Date Venue Backing Group
21 November 1962York RialtoThe Echoes
22 November 1962Portsmouth GuildhallThe Echoes
23 November 1962Salisbury GaumontThe Echoes
24 November 1962Brighton EssoldoThe Echoes
25 November 1962Worcester GaumontThe Echoes
26 November 1962Edmonton GranadaThe Echoes
27 November 1962Tunbridge Wells EssoldoThe Echoes
28 November 1962Bedford GranadaThe Echoes
29 November 1962Maidstone GranadaThe Echoes
30 November 1962Kingston GranadaThe Echoes
1 December 1962Norwich Theatre RoyalThe Echoes
2 December 1962Ipswich GaumontThe Echoes
3 December 1962Shrewsbury GranadaThe Echoes
4 December 1962Wakefield RegalThe Echoes
5 December 1962Carlisle LonsdaleThe Echoes
6 December 1962Chesterfield ABCThe Echoes
7 December 1962Harrow GranadaThe Echoes
8 December 1962Slough AdelphiThe Echoes
9 December 1962Leicester De Montfort HallThe Echoes