Gene Vincent - March / May 1962

Detailed information about this tour is to be found in American Rock n Roll-The UK tours 1956-1972.

Date Venue Backing Group
31 March 1962Brighton EssoldoSounds Incorporated
1 April 1962Stoke EssoldoThe Condors
2 April 1962Newcastle City HallSounds Incorporated
3 April 1962Birkenhead EssoldoSounds Incorporated
4 April 1962Glasgow St Andrews HallSounds Incorporated
5 April 1962Blackburn King Georges HallSounds Incorporated
6 April 1962Woolwich GranadaSounds Incorporated
7 April 1962Walthamstow GranadaSounds Incorporated
8 April 1962Tooting GranadaSounds Incorporated
9 April 1962Sheffield City HallSounds Incorporated
10 April 1962Birmingham Town HallSounds Incorporated
11 April 1962Leicester De Montfort HallSounds Incorporated
12 April 1962Worcester GaumontSounds Incorporated
13 April 1962Cannock DaniloThe Echoes
14 April 1962Portsmouth GuildhallSounds Incorporated
15 April 1962Slough AdelphiSounds Incorporated
16 April 1962Norwich Theatre RoyalSounds Incorporated
17 April 1962High Wycombe PlazaSounds Incorporated
18 April 1962Birmingham PlazaSounds Incorporated
18 April 1962Birmingham RitzSounds Incorporated
19 April 1962Newmarket Memorial HallSounds Incorporated
19 April 1962Lynford CountrySounds Incorporated
20 April 1962Bedford CountySounds Incorporated
21 April 1962Torquay Town HallSounds Incorporated
22 April 1962Westbury BistaThe Echoes
23 April 1962Stockton HippodromeSounds Incorporated
24 April 1962Keighley EssoldoSounds Incorporated
25 April 1962Stockport EssoldoSounds Incorporated
26 April 1962Wakefield PlayhouseSounds Incorporated
27 April 1962Broadstairs GrandSounds Incorporated
28 April 1962Aylesbury Walton HallSounds Incorporated
29 April 1962East Ham GranadaSounds Incorporated
30 April 1962Southampton GuildhallSounds Incorporated
1 May 1962Greenford GranadaSounds Incorporated
2 May 1962Sutton GranadaSounds Incorporated
4 May 1962Swindon LocarnoSounds Incorporated
5 May 1962New Brighton TowerSounds Incorporated
6 May 1962Southall Community CentreSounds Incorporated
6 May 1962Putney UnknownSounds Incorporated
7 May 1962Brighton EssoldoSounds Incorporated
8 May 1962Bristol Colston HallSounds Incorporated