Gene Vincent - June / Sept 1963

Detailed information about this tour is to be found in American Rock n Roll-The UK tours 1956-1972.

Date Venue Backing Group
2 June 1963Liverpool EmpireThe Outlaws
6 June 1963Barnstable Queens HallThe Jokers or The Outlaws
7 June 1963Torquay Town HallThe Jokers or The Outlaws
8 June 1963Exeter Civic HallThe Jokers or The Outlaws
15 June 1963Redhill Market HallThe Jokers
16 June 1963Camberley AgincourtThe Jokers
18 June 1963Swindon McKilroysThe Jokers or The Outlaws
21 June 1963Kings Heath RitzThe Jokers or The Outlaws
27 June 1963Liverpool LocarnoThe Outlaws
1 July 1963Fareham Ferneham HallThe Outlaws ?
5 July 1963Wood Green Alexandra PalaceThe Outlaws ?
7 July 1963Weston-super-mare OdeonThe Outlaws
12 July 1963Shrewsbury Music HallThe Outlaws ?
13 July 1963Northwich Victory Memorial HallThe Outlaws
14 July 1963Southend OdeonThe Outlaws ?
19 July 1963Llanelly RitzThe Outlaws ?
21 July 1963Llandudno OdeonThe Outlaws ?
26 July 1963East Grinstead WhitehallThe Outlaws ?
27 July 1963Buxton Pavilion GardensThe Outlaws ?
27 July 1963Birmingham Bingley HallThe Outlaws ?
28 July 1963Southport Floral HallThe Outlaws ?
4 August 1963Bournemouth GaumontSounds Incorporated
10 August 1963Dunstable CaliforniaThe Outlaws
11 August 1963Folkestone OdeonThe Outlaws
18 August 1963Blackpool ABCThe Outlaws
19-24 August 1963Wolverhampton GrandThe Outlaws
25 August 1963Great Yarmouth ABCThe Outlaws
27 August 1963Southport MarineThe Outlaws
31 August 1963Wimbledon PalaisThe Outlaws
1 September 1963Llandudno OdeonThe Outlaws
2 September 1963Sunderland OdeonThe Outlaws
3 September 1963Waltham Cross ImperialThe Outlaws
6 September 1963Banbury Winter GardensThe Outlaws
7 September 1963Swadlincote RinkThe Outlaws
8 September 1963Bournemouth GaumontThe Outlaws
13 September 1963Pwllheli Town HallThe Outlaws
15 September 1963Manchester Top HatThe Outlaws