Gene Vincent - July / Aug 1961

Detailed information about this tour is to be found in American Rock n Roll-The UK tours 1956-1972.

Date Venue Backing Group
9 July 1961Blackpool QueensSounds Incorporated
10 - 15 July 1961Bristol HippodromeSounds Incorporated
16 July 1961Hull MajesticSounds Incorporated
17 July 1961West Bromwich AdelphiSounds Incorporated
18 July 1961Penarth MarinaSounds Incorporated
19 July 1961Cambridge RexSounds Incorporated
20 July 1961Norwich GrosvenorSounds Incorporated
21 July 1961Mildenhall USAFSounds Incorporated
22 July 1961Morecambe Floral HallSounds Incorporated
25 July 1961Cirencester Corn HallSounds Incorporated
26 July 1961Hitchin HermitageSounds Incorporated
27 July 1961High Wycombe Town HallSounds Incorporated
28 July 1961Shrewsbury GranadaSounds Incorporated
29 July 1961Morecambe Floral HallSounds Incorporated
30 July 1961Torquay PrincessSounds Incorporated
1 August 1961Slough CarltonSounds Incorporated
2 August 1961Sunderland RinkSounds Incorporated
3 August 1961Inverness Northern Meeting RoomsSounds Incorporated
4 August 1961Wick Boys Brigade HallSounds Incorporated
5 August 1961Kirkaldy Ice RinkSounds Incorporated
6 August 1961Cowdenbeath PalaisSounds Incorporated
7 August 1961Larbert Dobbie HallSounds Incorporated
8 August 1961Airdrie Town HallSounds Incorporated
9 August 1961Greenock PalladiumSounds Incorporated
10 August 1961East Kilbride OlympiaSounds Incorporated
11 August 1961Aberdeen BeachSounds Incorporated
13 August 1961Stirling Albert HallSounds Incorporated
14 August 1961Glasgow BarrowlandSounds Incorporated
16 August 1961Newcastle MajesticSounds Incorporated