Gene Vincent - Jan / Mar 1964

Detailed information about this tour is to be found in American Rock n Roll-The UK tours 1956-1972.

Date Venue Backing Group
4 January 1964Cirencester Bingham HallThe Shouts
7 January 1964Sheffield SaintsThe Shouts
11 January 1964Lowestoft South PierThe Shouts
17 January 1964Wimbledon PalaisThe Shouts
18 January 1964Burnley CasinoThe Shouts
23 January 1964Stockbridge ClubThe Shouts
24 January 1964Edmonton ContinentalThe Shouts
25 January 1964Bristol UniversityThe Shouts
3 February 1964Kingsley VictoriaThe Shouts
5 February 1964Newcastle MajesticThe Shouts
6 February 1964Liverpool LocarnoThe Shouts
8 February 1964Aylesbury Assembly HallThe Shouts
12 February 1964Bristol Corn ExchangeThe Shouts
14 February 1964Hounslow BathsThe Shouts
15 February 1964Lincoln CastleThe Shouts
16 February 1964Kingston CellarThe Shouts
22 February 1964Loughborough Town HallThe Shouts
28 February 1964Leicester Granby HallThe Shouts
29 February 1964East Grinstead WhitehallThe Shouts
6 March 1964Abergavenny Town HallThe Shouts
7 March 1964Orpington Civic HallsThe Shouts