Duane Eddy - March / April 1960

Detailed information about this tour is to be found in American Rock n Roll-The UK tours 1956-1972.

Date Venue Backing Group
18 March 1960Lewisham GaumontThe Rebels
19 March 1960Edmonton RegalThe Rebels
20 March 1960Leicester De Montfort HallThe Rebels
21-26 March 1960Glasgow EmpireThe Rebels
27 March 1960Newcastle City HallThe Rebels
28 March - 2 April 1960Liverpool EmpireThe Rebels
3 April 1960Birmingham HippodromeThe Rebels
4 April 1960Bristol Colston HallThe Rebels
6 April 1960Leeds OdeonThe Rebels
7 April 1960Sheffield GaumontThe Rebels
8 April 1960Manchester OdeonThe Rebels
9 April 1960Elephant & Castle TrocaderoThe Rebels
10 April 1960Guildford OdeonThe Rebels
11-16 April 1960Finsbury Park EmpireThe Rebels
17 April 1960Cheltenham GaumontThe Rebels
18-23 April 1960Liverpool EmpireThe Rebels
24 April 1960East Ham GranadaThe Rebels