Duane Eddy - April / July 1968

Detailed information about this tour is to be found in American Rock n Roll-The UK tours 1956-1972.

Date Venue Backing Group
26 April 1968Pontypridd Municipal HallThe Quotations
27 April 1968Ramsey IOM GaietyThe Quotations
28 April 1968Portsmouth GuildhallThe Quotations
29 April 1968London HatchettsThe Quotations
1 May 1968London Royal Albert HallThe Quotations
1 May 1968London BlaisesThe Quotations
2 May 1968Cardiff Sophia GardensThe Quotations
3 May 1968Tottenham RoyalThe Quotations
3 May 1968London CromwellianThe Quotations
4 May 1968Prestatyn Royal LidoThe Quotations
5 May 1968Redcar Coatham HotelThe Quotations
6 May 1968Purley OrchidThe Quotations
7 May 1968London Whisky A Go GoThe Quotations
8 May 1968Norwich IndustrialThe Quotations
9 May 1968Liverpool VictorianaThe Quotations
10 May 1968Manchester DominoThe Quotations
10 May 1968Manchester PrincessThe Quotations
11 May 1968Manchester UnknownThe Quotations
11 May 1968Nelson ImperialThe Quotations
12-18 May 1968Wakefield SavoyThe Quotations
12-18 May 1968Brighouse RitzThe Quotations
19-25 May 1968Stockton FiestaThe Quotations
19-25 May 1968Spennymoor VarietyThe Quotations
27 May 1968Barrow 99 ClubThe Quotations
28 May 1968Malvern Winter GardensThe Quotations
29 May 1968Birmingham CedarThe Quotations
30 May 1968Barry Municipal HallThe Quotations
31 May 1968Ramsgate CoronationThe Quotations
1 June 1968Dunstable CaliforniaThe Quotations
2 June 1968Greenford StarliteThe Quotations
3 June 1968Gateshead Town HallThe Quotations
4 June 1968Great Yarmouth UnknownThe Quotations
19 June 1968Tonbridge Six In OneThe Quotations
22 June 1968Northampton MapleThe Quotations
23-29 June 1968Leigh GarrickThe Quotations
25-26 June 1968Bolton CasinoThe Quotations
28-29 June 1968Bolton CasinoThe Quotations
30 June -6 July 1968Burnley CabaretThe Quotations