Chuck Berry - Jan / Feb 1973

Detailed information about this tour is to be found in More American Rock n Roll-The UK tours 1973-1984.

Date Venue Backing Group
15 January 1973Glasgow Greens PlayhouseRoy Young Band
16 January 1973Bournemouth HardrockRoy Young Band
17 January 1973Birmingham BarbarellasRoy Young Band
18 January 1973Manchester HardrockRoy Young Band
19 January 1973Finsbury Park RainbowRoy Young Band
22 January 1973Edinburgh Usher HallRoy Young Band
29 January 1973Kensington Imperial CollegeRoy Young Band
4 February 1973Finsbury Park RainbowWilliam Peek Trio
6 February 1973Manchester HardrockWilliam Peek Trio
7 February 1973Newcastle City HallWilliam Peek Trio
8 February 1973Doncaster Top RankWilliam Peek Trio