Charlie Gracie - September 1979

Detailed information about this tour is to be found in More American Rock n Roll-The UK tours 1973-1984.

Date Venue Backing Group
12 September 1979Carshalton Chick-a-BoomDynamite
13 September 1979Southgate RoyaltyDynamite
14 September 1979Colchester Embassy SuiteDynamite
15 September 1979Leicester De Montfort HallDynamite
16 September 1979St Neots WMCDynamite
17 September 1979Rayleigh CrocsDynamite
18 September 1979Camden Town DingwallsDynamite
19 September 1979Rhondda HibernianDynamite
20 September 1979Wellingborough British RailDynamite
22 September 1979Manchester Midland HotelDynamite
23 September 1979Leeds Fforde Green HotelDynamite
24 September 1979Sunderland BoilermakersDynamite