Carl Perkins - Oct / Nov 1964

Detailed information about this tour is to be found in American Rock n Roll-The UK tours 1956-1972.

Date Venue Backing Group
19 October 1964Liverpool OdeonThe Quotations
20 October 1964Edmonton RegalThe Quotations
21 October 1964Romford OdeonThe Quotations
22 October 1964Huddersfield EssoldoThe Quotations
23 October 1964Ipswich GaumontThe Quotations
24 October 1964Leicester OdeonThe Quotations
25 October 1964Newcastle City HallThe Quotations
26 October 1964Birmingham Town HallThe Quotations
27 October 1964Stockton HippodromeThe Quotations
28 October 1964Edinburgh Usher HallThe Quotations
29 October 1964Dumfries LyceumThe Quotations
30 October 1964Stockport EssoldoThe Quotations
31 October 1964Bradford GaumontThe Quotations
1 November 1964Brighton HippodromeThe Quotations
2 November 1964Kilburn Gaumont StateThe Quotations
3 November 1964Guildford OdeonThe Quotations
4 November 1964Croydon Fairfield HallsThe Quotations
5 November 1964Sheffield City HallThe Quotations
6 November 1964Stoke EssoldoThe Quotations
7 November 1964Derby GaumontThe Quotations
8 November 1964Portsmouth GuildhallThe Quotations
9 November 1964Rochester OdeonThe Quotations
10 November 1964Lewisham OdeonThe Quotations
11 November 1964Cardiff Sophia GardensThe Quotations
12 November 1964Bristol Colston HallThe Quotations
13 November 1964Watford OdeonThe Quotations
14 November 1964Manchester OdeonThe Quotations
15 November 1964Bournemouth Winter GardensThe Quotations
20 November 1964Kingston CellarThe Quotations
22 November 1964Handsworth PlazaThe Quotations