Bo Diddley - Feb / March 1982

Detailed information about this tour is to be found in More American Rock n Roll-The UK tours 1973-1984.

Date Venue Backing Group
11 February 1982Camden Town DingwallsThe BMT'S
11 February 1982London 100 ClubThe BMT'S
12 February 1982London School Of African & Oriental StudiesThe BMT'S
12 February 1982Brixton Fair DealThe BMT'S
13 February 1982Norwich University Of East AngliaThe BMT'S
14 February 1982Harrow Weald Middlesex & HertsThe BMT'S
15 February 1982Putney Half MoonThe BMT'S
17 February 1982Derby Blue NoteThe BMT'S
18 February 1982Sunderland Close EncountersThe BMT'S
19 February 1982Birmingham CarltonThe BMT'S
20 February 1982Coventry General WolfeThe BMT'S
22 February 1982Deptford Albany EmpireThe BMT'S
23 February 1982Croydon SinatrasThe BMT'S
24 February 1982Brentwood UnknownThe BMT'S
25 February 1982Aberdeen UnknownThe BMT'S
26 February 1982Dundee UnknownThe BMT'S
27 February 1982Liverpool AdamsThe BMT'S
28 February 1982Redcar Coatham BowlThe BMT'S
2 March 1982Brentford Red LionThe BMT'S
3 March 1982Manchester UniversityThe BMT'S
4 March 1982London 100 ClubThe BMT'S
5 March 1982Reading HexagonThe BMT'S
6 March 1982Greenham Common USAFThe BMT'S
7 March 1982London LyceumThe BMT'S
7 March 1982Camden Town DingwallsThe BMT'S
8 March 1982Putney Half MoonThe BMT'S