Bill Haley - April / June 1968

Detailed information about this tour is to be found in American Rock n Roll-The UK tours 1956-1972.

Date Venue Backing Group
29 April 1965Nottingham Sherwood RoomsThe Comets
29 April 1968Chesterfield VictoriaThe Comets
30 April 1968High Wycombe Town HallThe Comets
30 April 1968London BlaisesThe Comets
1 May 1968London Royal Albert HallThe Comets
2 May 1968Cardiff Sophia GardensThe Comets
3 May 1968Chester Clockwork OrangeThe Comets
3 May 1968Warrington CarltonThe Comets
4 May 1968Dunstable CaliforniaThe Comets
5 May 1968Manchester PrincessThe Comets
5 May 1968Manchester DominoThe Comets
6 May 1968Leeds MeccaThe Comets
19 May 1968Wakefield LocarnoThe Comets
19 May 1968Nottingham PigalleThe Comets
20 May 1968Streatham Silver BladesThe Comets
20 May 1968Beckenham MistraleThe Comets
21 May 1968Ilford PalaisThe Comets
21 May 1968London HatchettsThe Comets
21 May 1968London SybillasThe Comets
22 May 1968Stevenage LocarnoThe Comets
22 May 1968Alconbury USAFThe Comets
23 May 1968Bristol LocarnoThe Comets
24 May 1968Manchester PrincessThe Comets
24 May 1968Manchester DominoThe Comets
25 May 1968Folkestone ToftsThe Comets
31 May 1968Belfast Floral HallThe Comets
3 June 1968Leeds Queens HallThe Comets
3 June 1968London CromwellianThe Comets
3 June 1968Bagshot PantilesThe Comets
4 June 1968Dudley ZooThe Comets
4 June 1968West Bromwich AdelphiThe Comets