Gene Vincent - June / July 1962

Detailed information about this tour is to be found in American Rock n Roll-The UK tours 1956-1972.

Date Venue Backing Group
17 June 1962Twist Across The ChannelSounds Incorporated
1 July 1962Liverpool CavernSounds Incorporated
2 July 1962Leyton Coronation GardensSounds Incorporated
3 July 1962Swindon McKilroysSounds Incorporated
4 July 1962Birmingham RitzSounds Incorporated
4 July 1962Birmingham PlazaSounds Incorporated
5 July 1962Herne Bay Kings HallSounds Incorporated
6 July 1962Gravesend Co-op HallSounds Incorporated
7 July 1962Manchester OasisSounds Incorporated
8 July 1962Torquay PrincessSounds Incorporated
9 July 1962West Bromwich AdelphiSounds Incorporated
10 July 1962Kilburn Gaumont StateSounds Incorporated
11 July 1962Bradford MajesticSounds Incorporated
12 July 1962Hull MajesticSounds Incorporated
13 July 1962Shrewsbury Music HallSounds Incorporated
14 July 1962Spennymoor ClarenceSounds Incorporated
15 July 1962Blackpool QueensSounds Incorporated
16 July 1962Staines Town HallSounds Incorporated
19 July 1962Wallington Town HallSounds Incorporated
20 July 1962Whitehaven EmpressSounds Incorporated
21 July 1962Northwich Victory Memorial HallSounds Incorporated
22 July 1962Blackpool QueensSounds Incorporated
24 July 1962Southport Floral HallSounds Incorporated
25 July 1962Newcastle MajesticSounds Incorporated
26 July 1962Darlington MajesticSounds Incorporated
27 July 1962Hitchin HermitageSounds Incorporated