Gene Vincent - Jan / Mar 1961

Detailed information about this tour is to be found in American Rock n Roll-The UK tours 1956-1972.

Date Venue Backing Group
23 January 1961West Bromwich AdelphiThe Echoes
24 January 1961Ipswich SavoyThe Echoes
25 January 1961Bristol Top TwentyThe Echoes
26 January 1961Reading New MajesticThe Echoes
27 January 1961Grimsby GaietyThe Echoes
28 January 1961Nelson ImperialThe Echoes
29 January 1961Worksop MonacoThe Echoes
30 January 1961Whitby SpaThe Echoes
31 January 1961Doncaster St James St BathsThe Echoes
1 February 1961Leeds Armley BathsThe Echoes
2 February 1961Huddersfield EmpressThe Echoes
3 February 1961Galashiels Volunteer HallThe Echoes
4 February 1961Hawick Drill HallThe Echoes
5 February 1961Alconbury USAFThe Echoes
6 February 1961Rochester CasinoThe Echoes
7 February 1961Southport Floral HallThe Echoes
8 February 1961Wigan EmpressThe Echoes
9 February 1961Barrow PalaisThe Echoes
10 February 1961Northwich Victory Memorial HallThe Echoes
11 February 1961Barnoldswick MajesticThe Echoes
12 February 1961East Ham GranadaThe Echoes
13 February 1961Maidstone GranadaThe Echoes
14 February 1961Aylesbury GranadaThe Echoes
15 February 1961Bedford GranadaThe Echoes
16 February 1961Kettering GranadaThe Echoes
17 February 1961Grantham GranadaThe Echoes
18 February 1961Mansfield GranadaThe Echoes
19 February 1961Slough AdelphiThe Echoes
20 February 1961Derby TrocaderoThe Echoes
21 February 1961Oxford Carfax Assembly HallsThe Echoes
22 February 1961Mildenhall USAFThe Echoes
24 February 1961Winchester Royal LIdoThe Echoes
25 February 1961Malvern Winter GardensThe Echoes
26 February 1961Plymouth OdeonThe Echoes
27 February 1961Kingston GranadaThe Echoes
28 February 1961Dartford GranadaThe Echoes
1 March 1961Greenford GranadaThe Echoes
2 March 1961Woolwich GranadaThe Echoes
3 March 1961Sutton GranadaThe Echoes
5 March 1961Rugby GranadaThe Echoes
6 March 1961West Bromwich AdelphiThe Echoes
8 March 1961Nelson ImperialThe Echoes
13-20 March 1961Belfast Opera HouseThe Echoes