Duane Eddy - Feb / Mar 1967

Detailed information about this tour is to be found in American Rock n Roll-The UK tours 1956-1972.

Date Venue Backing Group
24 February 1967Manchester PrincessThe Senate
24 February 1967Manchester DominoThe Senate
25 February 1967Liverpool UniversityThe Senate
26 February 1967Birmingham PlazaThe Senate
28 February 1967Leicester PalaisThe Senate
1 March 1967Stevenage LocarnoThe Senate
2 March 1967Bristol LocarnoThe Senate
3 March 1967Morecambe Central PierThe Senate
4 March 1967Sheffield UniversityThe Senate
5 March 1967Bayswater Douglas HouseThe Senate
5 March 1967Camberley AgincourtThe Senate
7 March 1967Streatham LocarnoThe Senate
8 March 1967Purley OrchidThe Senate
9 March 1967London Whisky A Go GoThe Senate
10 March 1967Ruislip USAFThe Senate
11 March 1967Manchester New Century HallThe Senate
12 March 1967London SavilleThe Senate