Chuck Berry - Feb / March 1975

Detailed information about this tour is to be found in More American Rock n Roll-The UK tours 1973-1984.

Date Venue Backing Group
19 February 1975Lewisham OdeonOwn UK Band
20 February 1975Southport New TheatreOwn UK Band
21 February 1975Glasgow Apollo CentreOwn UK Band
22 February 1975Manchester Free Trade HallOwn UK Band
23 February 1975Coventry TheatreOwn UK Band
26 February 1975Finsbury Park RainbowOwn UK Band
27 February 1975Southampton GaumontOwn UK Band
28 February 1975Cardiff CapitolOwn UK Band
1 March 1975Gloucester OdeonOwn UK Band
2 March 1975Birmingham OdeonOwn UK Band
6 March 1975Hammersmith OdeonOwn UK Band